New to the server? Scroll down, we'll introduce you.

New Players

An introduction to Noobonic Plague

You've come at an interesting time. A few months ago this server saw a complete transfer in ownership, and right now we're working to do our best. Some features are outdated but enjoyed nonetheless, so to get you started, here's a brief overview of our dynamics.

Enabling Console

Part of our legacy is our freedom to use binds and console commands. Many features are only accessible via the console, so if you're new to the game, we highly recommend you enable it.

To enable your console:

  1. Press the Esc key.
  2. Click the Options button.
  3. Click the Advanced... button at the bottom of the Keyboard screen.
  4. Check the Enable developer console box.
  5. ClickOK
  6. Now, to open the console, press the `/~ key on your keyboard.

First Person View

For reasons beyond our understanding, the previous owner established a third-person view to be seen by default. Unfortunately the cause is somewhat obscure, but the solution is simple.

To go into first-person mode type: rp_firstperson into console.

Changing your name

By default, your name is something like Citizen123 1 1. To change this, all you have to do is type /name mynickname into chat.

Picking a job

As with most DarkRP servers, to view the job menu, press F4 in game.

Get some food

We use Hungermod. Your hunger bar is a small blue graph below your armor on the bottom left of your screen.

To eat, look for microwaves around the map. They are generally downtown, next to the bank.

Speaking with admins

If you find yourself needed the assistance of an admin, use the @ prefix/command in chat. For example: @ This message will be sent to admins.

Car Color Reference

A Mechanic or Car Dealer may type /paint [color] in chat.

Server Rules

Fucking Read These

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Don't be a dick.
  3. Rules 1 and 2.
  4. Don't try to get to the cave.

    It won't matter soon, but seriously, don't fucking try.

  5. Propblocking is ALLOWED!

    Props can be destroyed. Get a crowbar, knife, or a fucking Glock and shoot them until they're gone. That simple. Exceptions include teleports, the bank prior to five minutes of a robbery, and the Nexus lobby when there's not a lockdown. Also randomly prop-trapping players for no reason will get you banned. Also prop-blocking public areas can get you killed. If you place a bridge over BP, be prepared to get arrested or shot in the face. Same with roads, etc.

    Some exceptions for prop-blocking

    • No props in elevator shafts.
    • No props around spawn-regions of any job.
    • No props near teleporters at all (including Hospital and Penthouse).
  6. Government personnel cannot be corrupt.

    Cops, mayors, medics and paramedics cannot assist law-breakers. That means no printing and no paramedics basing (or cops, obviously). Paramedics have a responsibility to save lives, no matter what. Cops can order paramedics not to revive a player if there's a legitimate reason. Otherwise cops cannot Glock some poor asshole for no reason then forbid paramedics from reviving.

    Also, cops can only do bail if they have permission from the Chief or mayor. If there isn't a chief or mayor, then you can do it if there is not an existing cop's props protecting the jail. Cops should never be warranting or destroying other officer's props to get into the jail without a reason other than releasing a friend or doing bail.

    Cops may also not break the laws set by the mayor, and they also cannot break default laws that are listed below. The only exception to this is that in self-defense a cop may use any type of gun to defend themselves or other officers.

  7. There are default laws when there is no mayor.

    Mayors can set laws, aside from making money printers, murder, plague canisters, and hobos legal. When there is no mayor default laws are in place, such as no weapons but semi-automatic pistols, no drugs, no propblocking the road, and no vandalism/trespassing.

  8. Prop-climbing is allowed. But...

    you cannot go into "un-textured" regions. If you're not standing on a texture, then get down. You can base on roofs in the city, but do not base and/or hang out in any area without a texture.

  9. Respect the admins like your mother.

    Admins generally will not care if you rage at them, but if you're being an annoying fuck, don't complain if you get banned. We promote free-speech, not hate-speech. If you're a bastard, then stop playing Garry's Mod and find your parents.

  10. There is no NLR (New Life Rule) here.

    When you die, you become a ghost. Look for soul orbs (little orb distortions around the map) and press E on them. They'll decrease your spawn time. Otherwise a ghost is still considered role-play, so if you see some motherfucker with a printer as a ghost, you can respawn and get that poor bastard.

  11. No killing without a valid reason.

    RDM (Random Deathmatching) and MIR (Murdering with Invalid Reasoning)

    This means you can't run up to any regular person and kill them because you're stupid and have nothing else to do. Accidents are okay, but if you're a shitty shot and have an issue with collateral damage, you're not excepted. If you want to kill people, become a zombie and do it. However, when raiding a base (AND IT HAS TO ACTUALLY BE A FUCKING BASE), you can kill occupants when you break in. No, you cannot lockpick a door then blast some poor guy trying to get a towel hat in the face.


    For a list of reasons you can kill (but not limited to):

    • If someone is breaking your prop (that isn't blocking a public area, like listed above).
    • If you're shooting in self-defense (a console line will appear after you kill someone in self defense)
    • If you're killing in revenge. So anyone with the orange REVENGE tag can be shot (keep in mind that tag does not exist when you're a cop, that's intentional...)
    • If you're shooting and killing a crab or zombie.
    • If you kill someone that was shooting a friend.
    • Killing cops that are chasing you down or about to arrest another player.
    • Someone is trying to break into property, like lock-picking a door.
    • You're in the bank during a robbery (see details below).
    • Other scenarios that admins explain...
  12. Bank Robberies are a Shitstorm

    Anyone inside the bank during a robbery can be killed and/or arrested. No, not outside. No, not in front of the door. No, not on the pylons. INSIDE. Also, banks cannot be blocked-up until around five minutes before a robbery. Also, if you're going to rob the bank: rob the bank. Don't move in and out of the vault so you and your buddies can keep killing people because you're restarting the robbery. Admins can be fantastic party-crashers, and doing that is a great invitation for them. Aso, no corrupt cops (ever).

  13. Mic-Spamming has limitations.

    If you want to drive around in an airboat playing the latest Jawbreaker album, that's fine. But admins still have discretion to gag you if you are causing a nuisance. Just use common sense. If you're asked to stop by an admin, then stop.

  14. Players are allowed in Nexus Lobby

    Unless there is a lockdown, any players are welcome in the Nexus lobby. However, going past the desk or above the first floor can get you arrested or shot by police without warning. Same goes for the garage, any non-government personnel in the garage can be killed/arrested.

  15. Don't Metagame

    OOC stands for Out Of Character. So do not ask for revives in OOC or broadcast in-game information through it. It's not a huge deal, but it's mainly to prevent people from asking for revives. You can be just as much of an annoying bitch if you go "OMG MEATGAME FGT" as if you were to just say "revive me."

  16. Cops Need Valid Reason to Search

    Hearing or seeing printers is good evidence for a warrant. A simple locked door is not. You cannot run through the map busting down any owned door, you need a reason to search it.

  17. Only Jobs with Morality are Government

    Government personnel cannot be corrupt. Otherwise any class can lie, cheat, beg and bribe.

  18. Hobos and Crabs have limited rights

    In-fact, Crabs have no rights at all. They can be killed, arrested and harassed (BUT NOT SPAWN CAMPED). Hobos can't be killed without a valid reason, but they're illegal and should be arrested by law-enforcement.

  19. Don't beg in public chat

    If you want money, earn it or go harass people in local chat. OOC and Advert are not the places for it.

  20. Scamming is allowed

    We're working on a trade-system, but if you want to avoid getting scammed, have an admin supervise your trade- called Admin Trade, sometimes referenced as ATO. Admins should only supervise gem-trades. Lotteries and gambling are not supervised.

  21. No Racism

    Racial slurs are not tolerated- nor are symbols with historical racial ties. I know as sixth graders it can be cool to say racist shit, but Noobonic Plague is not your middle school. Watch your fucking language.

  22. No Invalid Demotes

    This is also a stupid one, but needed nonetheless. You can demote people for not doing their jobs, like not selling drugs or food. Also for killing you for no reason. But demoting people for reasons like "faggot," "shut up," "9 years old," etc is not allowed. However, mayors can be demoted for any reason (even though demoting the mayor means you're a pussy and unwilling to assassinate them.)

  23. Admins Always have Final Say

    Just because something isn't listed here doesn't mean it isn't against the rules. Always listen to admins. If there is a dispute, take it to the forums.

Noobonic Plague: Coming in 2014

Server Saviors

Sunday, December 29, 2013

While we've been working hard on the next version of the server, some people have generously donated for the explicit reason of keeping the server running. All of these amazing people will have exclusive beta-access and their names forever on display in the game.

To become a savior, spend over $20 USD in our store at and send me (Schmal) a PM on the forums telling me you're interested. When we're ready, I'll let you know.

List of our current, beloved saviors:





BibidyBobidy Peis Goat
Infamous Jeezy


Some Kick-Ass People

This server could not exist without the tremendous effort and contributions of people from this community and other developers alike.


Creator of Noobonic Plague and developer of the incredible features that set it apart. His significance can never be overstated.

Juice Kelly

Fixed countless bugs and assisted the server in its beginnings.


Content contributer and has assisted several times getting models just the way we need them. Long-time community member and former admin.